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Silver, platinum wire with brass screw mounts, and textured brass 

with patina Silver and Mokume Gane Silver and Mokume Gane Texas Ebony seeds, domed textured brass, silver, brass accents Polished stone, bronze, and silver Potted Agave Rusted steel and river stone Textured brass with patina Naturally weathered copper and flagstone Naturally weathered copper Steel with patina, vintage chain wheel and salvaged traffic Vintage chain wheel with etched copper medallion Formed copper and brass Copper and hammer textured copper with patina Celtic knot pattern etched copper and patina Formed and textured brass, silver, brass accents Labradorite, etched silver with patina, brass accents Picasso marble, silver, and brass Kazuri beads, copper, and roll textured copper with patina Formed and textured silver, copper Formed silver and copper Formed silver Roll textured copper with patina and textured silver Silver with copper accents Formed silver, silver wire, and Mexican Fire Opals Formed silver, silver wire and patina Rusted steel Steel with patina Steel with patina, copper accents, and tile top Formed and textured silver, Azurite Topaz, textured silver, brass accents Topaz, textured silver, brass accents Citrine, textured brass, and wood